Snow Resort JAPAN


Designated as the first international ski resort in Japan.

Akakura Kanko Resort & Spa opened as the first international standard Ski Resort in Japan on December 12th 1937. Enjoy Akakura’s 4.5km worth of courses that run down from its 1500m peak. Akakura Kanko Resort is split into 2 areas: the Sky Cable area, and the Champion piste side. You can go straight to the top of the slopes on the Sky Cable Gondola whilst enjoying the beautiful colors below. Supporting the Sky Cable Gondola on the Sky Cable side are four high speed 4-seater lifts. At the peak of the resort there is an ungroomed course, just above Akakura Kanko Hotel there is a snow park, and just below the Akakura Kanko Hotel there are slopes aimed at beginners and intermediate riders. The wide runs which accompany the No.1 4-seater lift on the champion piste side are good for beginners and families. The Champion A Course has a thrilling powder run angled at 32 degrees and is only for advanced riders. Akakan Snow Park, which is groomed every day, is furnished with many obstacles and can be enjoyed by riders of any level. The Myoko area, which contains the Akakura Kanko Resort, is famous in Japan for its heavy snowfall and is open from December until May. It has an especially long season.

SAkakura Kanko Resort & SPA
216,Tagiri, Myoko-shi, Niigata-ken 949-2102
Tel:(+81) 255-87-2503