Snow Resort JAPAN


Relish perfect snow in two different areas.

The Furano Resort is managed by the Prince Hotel Group, the biggest hotel chain in Japan and is open throughout the year. The resort is situated in the center of Hokkaido and yields unbelievably fine dry powder snow. Although the average snowfall amount is 8 meters, it has the highest number of sunny days out of all of the resorts. Furano has also hosted the Ski and Snowboard World Cup, 12 times in the past. The ski slope consists of the Furano Zone and Kitanomine Zone connecting at the top part of the mountain. The slopes are divided up as Beginner 40%, Intermediate 40% and Advanced 20% so people of all levels can enjoy skiing at Furano. The quality of the snow is rated highly amongst Japanese visitors and the foreign visitors, and snowmobile and backcountry skiing can also be enjoyed in the surrounding area. The New Furano Prince Hotel stands at the foot of the Furano Zone with indoor pool, restaurants and Onsen bath facilities in place. The Prince Hotel situated at the Kitanomine Zone is filled with family orientated facilities. Furano town is also filled with restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and snow-dome bars. There are also volunteer groups that conduct free tours of the slopes in English.

Furano Ski Resort / New Furano Prince Hotel Nakagoryo, Furano-shi, Hokkaido 076-8511
Tel:(+81) 167-22-1111