Snow Resort JAPAN


From powder snow to park, enjoy yourself to your heart’s content in a vast, prominent area in Hakuba.

Hakuba Goryu was the first resort in Japan to use a gondola.It has an abundance of varied courses running over its 926 meter high area of ride able mountain. Hakuba Goryu is made up of 3 zones; The Iimori zone, the Toomi zone and the Alps-Daira zone(accessible via gondola). Iimori and Toomi are full of wide gentle slopes, and the peak has a few as well, making this resort perfect for beginners and intermediate riders. Advanced riders could try the Snow Diving Course - an ungroomed mogul run full of fresh powder. At the top of the piste, you can see Mt. Goryu in all its glory. There are even more courses across at Hakuba 47 which connects to Goryu via a slope at the top of the mountain, and which you can access with your Goryu ticket. No matter what level, all skiers and snowboarders will be satisfied with the courses these resorts have on offer. Within the Iimori Area, Kamishiro Area, Echo land and Misora Area we have almost 200 different hotels and lodges. The shuttle bus service has been upgraded, and now offers a free shuttle service from the Happo and Wadano areas.

Kamishiro, Hakuba-Mura, Kita-Azumi-Gun, Nagano-ken 399-9211