Snow Resort JAPAN

Muikamachi Hakkaisan Ski Resort

Hakkaisan Ski Resort has amazing views from its mountain peak ropeway station. Its varied courses and total downhill runs of 3km make it a very popular ski resort. Its ungroomed and long courses are aimed at advanced riders. However, the wide and gentle sloped Usagidaira slope will provide beginners a safe run. Why not also enjoy the views whilst dining at the Minami Uonuma restaurant on the middle of the mountain.Nishimori. The resort runs 18 gondolas and lifts in total, including two 8-seater gondolas and three quad lifts.

Hakkaisan Ski Resort
Yamaguchi, Minami Uonuma-shi, Niigata-ken 949-7121
Tel: (+81) 25-775-3311