Snow Resort JAPAN


At the base of the Northern Alps, Hakuba Valley is Japan’s largest snow resort!

Since hosting the Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998, Hakuba Valley at the foot of the Northern Alps has become a famous place for winter sports enthusiasts. Consisting of 11 ski resorts, Hakuba Valley is extremely popular with Skiers and Snowboarders of all levels. Hakuba valley boasts 111 lifts with 147 courses of different variety, totaling over 130km of slopes for you to enjoy! The 11 ski resorts aren’t connected, but there is a shuttle bus to transfer you between the different areas. Hakuba Valley is known around the world for its amazing powder snow, so to fully enjoy it we highly recommend taking a guided backcountry tour! Hakuba Valley is extremely popular with foreign tourists and we have many Englishspeaking staff so we can share our Japanese culture and wonderful village with you.

Hakuba Town Tourism Office
7025,Kitashiro,Hakubamura,Kita-azumigun ,Nagano-ken 399-9301 Tel:(+81)261-72-7100

Otari Village Tourism Office
Otarimura-yakubanai, kita-azumigun ,Nagano-ken 399-9494 Tel:(+81)261-82-2233

Omachi City Tourism Office
3200,Omachi,Omachishi,Nagano-ken 398-0002 Tel:(+81)261-22-0190