Snow Resort JAPAN


One of Japan’s largest and most famous ski resorts.

Known as the Nagano Olympic Alpine Ski venue, Hakuba Happo-One is the largest ski resort in the country. The slopes offer amazing views of the 3000m high North Alps, and include shallow long courses and mogul runs. Included in its many attractions are the mogul runs, which can be found on the Usagidaira and the Korobishi slopes. The Riesen Slalom Course which runs from the Usagidaira slope to the Nakiyama Slope is 4000m in length and is a very fun ride. For families with small children, the Sakka slope, which contains kids’ courses and day care facilities, is highly recommended. Hakuba Happo-One is a truly amazing resort which offers a high level ski and snowboard school, a number of different and varied restaurants, an abundance of accommodation options at the foot of the slopes and much more.

Happo Information Center
Happo,Kitashiro, Hakubamura,Kita-azumigun,Nagano-ken 399-9301
Tel:(+81) 261-72-3066