Snow Resort JAPAN


Dip yourself into authentic hot springs after riding.

Opening in 1935 and constructed the first ski lifts in the country in 1948. The slope starts from a 2171 meter altitude and runs a giant 8km down hill courses. It has many course variations and can be enjoyed by a wide range of skiers from children to adults. Beginners can use the 3.2km “Shakunage” course and intermediates can take the 3km “Furikozawa” or the 1.8km “Shimizuzawa” course from the top of the ropeway. After being on the slopes you can enjoy the “Kusatsu Onsen” which is counted as one of the top 3 onsens in the country. It is counted as the best natural onsen that produces high amounts of water at around 32,300 liters per minute. (Around 230,000 oil drums of spring water per day) It is because of this that the ryokans in Kusatsu allow the spring water to be running all the time. The water PH is 2.1(Yubatake Gensen) and has high sterilizing qualities. Kusatu Onsen has a long famous history and has been healing many peoples hearts and bodies for many years.

Kusatsu Kokusai Ski Resort
158,Shirane-kokuyurin,Kusatsu,Kusatsu-machi,Agatsuma-gun, Gunma-ken 377-1711