Snow Resort JAPAN


A number of unique ski areas lie across the eastern base of majestic Mt. Myoko.

Myoko” is the highest mountain within the “Myoko Akakura” and is counted as one of the top 100 mountains in the country and within the “Hokushingogaku” peaking 2,454 meters in altitude. The Myoko Akakura is renowned for its high snow accumulation (an average 13 meters per year) and there are many ski resorts. There are many visitors from around the world each year that look forward to the deep powder snow. A total of 9 ski resorts in Myoko the style of Myoko resorts have a distinctive Japanese atmosphere to it. The main skiing areas are “Akakura Kanko Resort”, “Ikenotaira Onsen Resort”, “Akakura Onsen Resort”and “Myoko Suginohara Resort”, “Seki Onsen”, “Madarao Kogen Snow Resort”, “Tangram Ski Circus”, “Myoko Ski Park”, “Myoko Run Run”, Myoko Akakura produces powder snow in many areas making it very popular for guided back country tours. It is also internationally famous for its hot spring Onsen. Enjoy the Onsens after skiing and snowboarding on the slopes and relax your body and mind. “Myoko Onsen”, “Akakura Onsen”, “Shin Akakura Onsen”, “Suginosawa Onsen”, “Seki Onsen”, “Ikenotaira Onsen”,”Tsubame Onsen”and more can be enjoyed.

Myoko Tourist Office
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