Snow Resort JAPAN


Live it up with the best snow viewing, including the world-famous Juhyo

The biggest attractions of Zao Hot Spring are the Juhyo, Japanese monster trees found in clusters at the top of the ski slopes. Riding next to Juhyo is a great experience you can only enjoy at Zao Hot Spring. The Zao Onsen village was not built around the ski resort but was originally a traditional Japanese Onsen village with a long history. Zao Onsen is one of the most famous sulfur springs in the country. It has 5 spring groups with 47 main springs which is the biggest in the Yamagata prefecture. The“Kyosanseiiousen” is known for its beautiful skin benefits and the distinctive smell of sulfur adds to the surrounding Onsen village atmosphere. There are many traditional Japanese ryokan accommodations and indoor and outdoor bathhouses in the village. As for food, Mongolian Barbecue,Yamagata Imoni,Tamakonnyaku and Soba noodles are characteristic of the local area.

Zao Onsen Sightseeing Association
708-1 Zao Onsen, Yamagata, Yamagata-ken 990-2301
Tel:(+81) 23-694-9328