Be Happy in APPI! One of the great winter resorts in Japan.

“Appi Kogen”is located at latitude 40 degrees North which is the same latitude as the Arlberg mountain range in Australia and Aspen in America. The vast resort connects from the Hachimantai National Park to the 1,305 meter altitude Mt.Maemori and the 1,328 meter altitude Mt.Nishimori. The resort runs 18 gondolas and lifts in total including two 8 seater gondolas and three quad lifts. The resort is open from early December to early May every year with around 6 months worth of ski and snowboarding to enjoy. The average course length out of the 21 courses is 2,100 meters and 5,500 meters from the highest peak. The climate is said to be the equivalent Hokkaido and has a skiing area on the North side which produces “Aspirin Snow”that contains very little water. The slopes are maintained every evening by snow tractor so that everyone can enjoy the best ski & snowboarding conditions on the slopes every day. Accommodation facilities surround the resort and is equipped for long stays popular amongst the visitors.

English Service Centre
Appi Kogen, Hachimantai City, Iwate-ken, 028-7395
Tel:(+81) 195-73-6401
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