Experience the real Japan at Nishimeya Village a symbol of Shirakami-Sanchi and a place where you can be at harmony with nature.

Aomori prefectures’ Nishimeya Village can be found on the doorstep of Shirakami-Sanchi. The nature-rich village-Nishimeya Village is surrounded by the Tsugaru areas ever changing Shirakami-Sanchi. In spite of 470 different types of plant life in the forest, dwellers of Nishimeya Villager, for generation upon generation, since ancient times, have benefited from the Beech trees, and have harmoniously favored the employment of this wondrous timber, in their lives. Nishimeya Village has nurtured a unique culture while maintaining the beauty of Shirakami-Sanchi and is a symbol of the Shirakami-Sanchi area.
A 30-minute drive from Hirosaki city in Aomori prefecture, Nishimeya Village serves as the front door to the Shirakami Mountain, located at the southern foothills of Iwaki Mountain (“Tsugaru Fuji”) and is also known as the Apple Village. Although the areas one can enter are limited as the majority of Shirakami Mountain is a World Heritage area, buffer zones spread over Nishimeya Village where people can experience the surroundings are available. The village is equipped for a variety of activities and serves as a great base for leisure. It’s the perfect environment to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities like fishing, canoeing, and wild vegetable or mushroom picking; there is plenty to do during each of the four seasons.

Nishimeya Village Office
144 Inamoto, Tashiro, Nishimeya-mura, Nakatsugaru-gun, Aomori 036-1492
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