On December 12th, 1937, the Akakura Kanko Resort & Spa was established as the first international ski resort in Japan. The Myoko area, where Akakura Kanko Resort was created, is a renowned location with heavy snowfall which allows this snow resort to have a longer season from December to May.
A downhill of 4.5km in length from the top with an altitude of 1500m can be enjoyed here. Akakura Kanko Resort holds two areas: the Sky Cable (gondola lift) area and the Champion ski slope area. The Sky Cable takes guests straight to the top of the mountain whilst passing through gorgeous natural scenery. This area is equipped with four high-speed quads with outstanding transportation capability.
From the top, the Hotel A course offers ungroomed fresh powder snow as well as the Champion A course which also offers a unique experience with ungroomed snow. Below the hotel, a ski slope for elementary to intermediate level skiers can be found which is great for both beginners and families. Also, the daily maintained AKAKAN PARK provides many snow features that can be enjoyed by beginners to experts. The area on the Champion terrain side contains the Champion No,1 Quad lift with its single broad course suited for beginners and families. The Champion A course is a dynamic powder course with on a 32 degrees angle and is for experts only.
Next to the Sky Cable terminal is Cafe Primos. Everything you need including the snow school reception desk, changing room, and rental shop is within the Sky Cable terminal. A wide range of menus are offered at Akakura Kanko Hotel Main Dining Room Les Sorbiers, Restaurant Ibis, Restaurant Hetre, Restaurant Maple and Crepe and Coffee Shop Burnet.

Akakura Kanko Resort & SPA
216 Tagiri, Myoko-shi, Niigata 949-2102
Tel:(+81)-255-87-2503 e_introduction.html

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