Myoko Akakura’s main peak, Mt. Myoko is one of Japan’s most famous mountains, boasting the highest altitude of 2454m in Hokushin Gogaku. Myoko Akakura at the foot of the mountain is one of the best snowfall amounts in Japan (annual average snowfall amount of 13 meters), and large ski resorts gathered. In recent years, many skiers and snowboarders from all over the world are gathering in search of deep powder.
Akakura Onsen, which has 100% natural snow and outstanding snow quality, has three slopes, “Yodel Gelande”, “Kumado Gelande” and “Ginrei Gelande”, with 17 courses from families and beginners to experts. There are great facilities with 14 ski lifts. Choose your course according to your level and preference from numerous options including the Panorama Course, where the Free Ride Park is set, the Utopia Course to enjoy some great powder snow, the Mogul Challenge Course, which takes you to a thrilling slope up to 43 degrees steep, or the Yodel Gelande with open views of Lake Nojiri right in front of you. There is a kids park with a big play tool installed on the Yodel Gelande. Also, you can enjoy nighters every day.
Let’s go out to a spa town where many stores such as Izakaya, restaurant, ramen shop, souvenir shop etc. where you can eat fresh fish dishes of the Sea of Japan, warm your body with hot springs after having played on snowy mountain all day.

Akakura Onsen
Akakura Onsen, Myoko-city, Niigata 949-2111
Tel : (+81)-255-87-2125
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