MYOKO AKAKURA ONSEN A number of unique ski areas lie across the eastern base of majestic Mt. Myoko.

Mt.Myoko” is the highest mountain within the “Myoko Akakura” and is counted as one of the top 100 mountains in the country and within the “Hokushingogaku” peaking 2,454 meters in altitude. The Myoko Akakura is renowned for its high snow accumulation (an average 13 meters per year) and there are many ski resorts. There are many visitors from around the world each year that look forward to the deep powder snow. A total of 9 ski resorts in Myoko the style of Myoko resorts have a distinctive Japanese atmosphere to it.
The main skiing areas are “Akakura Kanko Resort”, “Ikenotaira Onsen Resort”, “Akakura Onsen Resort”and “Myoko Suginohara Resort”, “Seki Onsen”, “Madarao Kogen Snow Resort”, “Tangram Ski Circus”, “Myoko Ski Park”. “Myoko Run Run”. Myoko Akakura produces powder snow in many areas making it very popular for guided back country tours. It is also internationally famous for its hot spring Onsen. Enjoy the Onsens after skiing and snowboarding on the slopes and relax your body and mind. “Myoko Onsen”, “Akakura Onsen”, “Shin Akakura Onsen”, “Suginosawa Onsen”, “Seki Onsen”, “Ikenotaira Onsen”, ”Tsubame Onsen” and more can be enjoyed.

Akakura Kanko Resort
Akakura Kanko Resort was first recognized as an international ski resort on December 12th 1937. A 4km long cruising course can be enjoyed from the hotel No.5 drop off point. There is also a free ride park within the course with plenty of obstacles.

Akakura Onsen
The largest slopes within the Myoko Kogen Onsen area and connecting to the Akakura Onsen town. The diverse 20 courses can be enjoyed from beginner to advanced level ski and snowboarders.

Ikenotaira Onsen
Surrounded by silver birch woodland with gentle slopes perfect for all levels of ski and snowboarders. The free style snow park is also very popular.

Madarao Kogen Snow Resort
Home to 25 diverse courses, Madarao Kogen Snow Resort was the first Ski Resort in Japan to hold the Freestyle World Cup. Many of the upper courses are ungroomed, meaning that fresh powder can be enjoyed after decent snowfall. The tree courses are highly recommended on deep powder days. Families will also be pleased to know there is a fully equipped kids snow park.

Myoko Ski Park
Myoko Ski Park’s 1.2km of slopes, and gentle forest runs(averaging at a steepness of 7 degrees) make it very popular amongst beginners and families. Within its Center House station there are restaurants, changing rooms, rental rooms, shops, play areas and much more.

Myoko Suginohara
Myoko Suginohara has the longest 8.5km course in the country and produces excellent quality snow on the top half of slope with fantastic views.

Myoko Run Run
Myoko Run Run is full of wide and gentle sloping runs, making it perfect to beginners and family trips. The uncrowded slopes and private feel of the resort can offer first time skiers and snowboarders peace of mind. Many different packages are avail- able at the adjacent Kyukamura MYOKO accommodation area.

Seki Onsen
Popular among powder hounds, the 40 year old Seki Onsen Ski Resort boasts ungroomed powder runs night time riding. Receiving the most snow in the Myoko area, it is able to keep its slopes open until May and offer a highly popular spring-time snow park. With an onsen district at the base of the mountain, daily onsen trips are possible.

Tangram Ski Circus
Tangram Ski Circus Ski Resort has a hotel at the base of its slopes. It shares a mountain with Madarao Kogen Snow Resort, so if you purchase their shared pass you can enjoy all 30 of their combined courses. The kids park in front of the hotel comes complete with sleighs, rubber tubing, and a snow escalator. Children and adults alike can have fun at Tangram Ski Circus.

Myoko Tourist Office
291-1 Taguchi Myoko-shi, Niigata 949-2106
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